About Us

Innovative Way To Learn

We are a young technology company, founded in the beginning of 2017 by like minded technology experts. We are based in Pune, Maharashtra. Our focus is on creating cutting edge solutions for our clients and solving complex business problems.

We strongly believe that profit doesn't come from chasing money, they come from creating value in what you do. In our humble opinion, the singular most important mission of any sustainable business should be to create value. Our motto is to only focus on things where we can excel. We believe in sustainable and steady growth. From the beginning we have consciously kept our focus on creating a happy environment around us where everyone associated with us feels happy.

Be it our clients, our vendors, suppliers, employees, peers, users, society, or anyone else who is connected to us in any way.

One of the core guiding principles of Alveo is that we believe in constant learning process. We consciously recognize that it is our duty to learn every day, being part of an industry, which is knowledge based, where new technologies are emerging and the old ones are getting obsolete. In this constantly changing environment the key to win is learning constantly and relentlessly.


Alveo Software Private Limited

In the contemporary world of numerous startups and more emerging each day, a company cannot sustain without Digital Solutions. Shishir Avasthi, with three of his colleagues, started Alveo Software Private Limited, which provides Digital Marketing, HR Solutions, Responsive Design, and Web Development to its clients.

The broad core services include various subcategories Building a creative and extensive user interface designs for mobile and web apps, Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM, MobileApp Marketing, Mobile App Development, Improving Digital presence, and Cloud-based innovative HR solutions for refining the recruitment process.

They assist with HR needs for recruitment processes and behavior analysis. The firm ensures the working of its solutions across multiple devices. Along with that, they dispense web-based solutions that enable the success of the client's brand. They have developed a cloud-based Contact center solutions for business to deliver better customer service at lower cost.